My dearest,

The SteviElle products stand for a remarcable success, which I want to share with all those, who are interested in a balanced food - same as me - but who do not want to give up the sweetness in juices, cakes, chocolate and many more goodies.
This is how I succeeded in reinventing the sweet taste together with my team!

I have a passion for 100% natural products and I intended to give up sugar but not the pleasure of eating or drinking sweet delicacies, so I looked for the best ingredients in the world and I set my experts to work.
I made the choice that the sweetener for all the beverages and sweets from our production, shall be made from the best plant extract of  Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, an 100% NATURAL sweetener, with ZERO SUGAR and ZERO CALORIES. The products, which we can offer today, are the result of thousand of tests and hours spent in the laboratory.

The experience offered by the SteviElle products is unique because we are the only company in the entire world which produces a full range of products WITH NO SUGAR and which are SWEETENED with STEVIA:

  • Simple sweeteners and sweeteners with natural flavors,
  • Liquid juices,
  • Instant juices,
  • Chocolate and
  • Confectionery products

Thus, our customers can find in a single place all types of sweet products which they look for, without having to search at several manufacturers, which provide only one kind of products: either sweeteners / or liquid juices / or chocolate / or confectionery products!

More than this, our INSTANT juices from FREESE-DRIED fruit juices, which are sweetened with STEVIA, are one of a kind at world level!

Imagine a day with SteviElle!

The first coffee of the day can be sweetened and flavoured according to your taste, without you having to worry about your body shape. Then, you might have a juice full of vitamins in your office, or even a tart or some DIET chocolate bonbons for the lunch break. The children would wait anxiously to see what the tea would taste like in that morning and for an aniversary they would enjoy a chocolate or cream cake, tarts, cookies and many coloured chocolate candies. All sound even better when such products are 100% NATURAL and WITH NO ADDED SUGAR!
We can provide you with the whole range! Our long efforts in the field of research made such thing possible!

Even such manufacturers, which make only one kind of STEVIA products, are extremely few at world level and much less in Romania.
Our exceptional effort of completing a research work for all the 5 major fields, with thousands of experiments and research hours, makes us THE ONLY COMPANY IN THE WORLD with a FULL EXPERTISE for the STEVIA products.

The fact, that we always use natural ingredients of best quality, provides our customers an unforgettable experience, in which our products set the BENCHMARK for the future.

In case you like our story, we want to invite you to the pages of the Stevielle products, in order for you to discover the goodies and the surprizes, which we prepared for you.

Best regards,
Diana Gradinaru