SUGARFREE CAKES, sweetened with Stevia

The special days during our life: weddings, anniversaries, baptism parties, but also any other day, which you want to transform into a special occasion, have to be celebrated with a sweet and delicious cake. But during such occasions a feeling of guilt is always present: "Here I go again and eat sugar!"

Just enjoy our unique cakes! No regrets!

Serenity Cake SERENITY

Angel Cake

Caprice Cake

Chocoffee Cake

Chocodesire Cake

Divine Cake Tort fara zahar DIVINE

Trio Chocolat Cake

    Prices: 150 Lei/kg, if the cake is covered with whipped cream or is covered with Belgian, sugarfree chocolate, sweetened with Stevia.

    The prices below are for decorations which are similar to the ones from our website. For more elaborate decorations there shall be a separate price.

    For order or more information, please call us at : 0726-255.055 .